Student Testimonials


  • Less people, easy, nice people, no homework

  • Two things that I like about this school is that its easy and there are not many people. At my past schools, the teachers didn’t teach as well as they do at this school.

  • To convince a student to enroll in this school I would tell them what I like about it. No homework and less people.


  • Well first off this school doesn’t have a thousand students. The teachers actually help and teach each student and are more than happy to answer their questions on the topic. They have catchup courses for students like myself. Our amazing principal Mr. Davignon doesn’t just stay in his office like large high schools. He speaks with students regularly and isn’t a boot camp leader or a loose principal, he’s somewhere in between. They can provide accommodations for students who struggle with things.

  • The staff are helpful and understanding. They don’t hand out 12 assignments at once and they teach and listen. I have my struggles like ADHD among other things and the staff are very accommodating for me and my situation.

  • I would start by listing the advantages which there are many. Then the few things such as we don’t have sports but can accommodate the schedule for games and such. Now I’ll list some of the advantages such as the only homework is the things you don’t finish, the staff will help and teach you things unlike the public high school you have resources that don’t explain things, then you get left behind the class. The students aren’t crazy people such as the public school and we have resources at our disposal to use or learn with. Overall, this place is heaven compared to the local high schools.


  • The staff at the WISE are different. At other school most teachers would take as much time helping you understand certain things you struggle with. We are not allowed to have cell phones, which helps students stay focused. Our school is a project-based learning which personally helps me understand what is being taught.

  • One thing I love about this school is Merit Day. A day at the end of every 9 weeks where students are rewarded based off their merits and demerits. The second thing I love about the WISE is the way they handle discipline and they treat us with respect.

  • I would convince a student to enroll in the school by telling them that I enjoy showing up. If I went to another school, I would rarely show up. Learning here is fun. The school opens up many opportunities for the students.


  • What makes this school different is that you don’t feel rushed by any of the teachers here. They are all friendly teachers and they help you out a lot.

  • What I like about this school is that all the teachers are very nice with you and the principal also. It’s a fun school to come too.

  • I would convince a student by telling them that I enjoy coming to this school and it’s a small school. It’s a good school to come to.


  • Not as many people go here which is great for students who have social issues, so many nice people that care for your work and education, not as many work as a normal high school which is great for someone who has a plan for life and is working jobs. Everybody is connected.

  • Less people and not a lot of drama. Most of the teachers are understanding and have a sense of humor and are cool.

  • They have a great program that can get you to pass high school and get your diploma faster.


  • I feel as if, given enough time, I could write about this question for hours. This school hits all the good marks, from the staff to the students. This doesn’t feel like an institution it feels like an ecosystem that instead of snuffing out my individuality it encourages my individuality. The environment here feels like it gives me everything I need to accomplish my goals, but it doesn’t hold my hand. I feel responsible for my actions. In short, this school is 100 steps ahead any I know of, it teaches and prepares you for the world ahead.

  • I love how it feels personal, I like how the staff and even the lessons have a personal feeling, its not cut and dry. I feel a passion and genuine feeling of people who care. It’s not about the money, they love their jobs and I can feel it. I love the merit system; the idea is genius. Rewarding things and showing gratitude for the simple things inspires me to do more and try harder.

  • I would say that this school will care about you, it would do anything in its power to see a degree in your hands as long as you want it as bad.


  • There is a lot less pressure here because I use to hear all the time “hey you’re not gonna pass” or “you aren’t the only student in my class with a F, work on it”. They don’t say stuff like that here. They make you feel like you can get good grades.