Are you PCS/ETS or relocating to Walton County School District?

We have a wide range of resources here at the Walton Intensity School of Excellence (WISE Center) to help make your transition quick and easy.

We all know how difficult it can be for military families transitioning from location to location. Finding housing, schools, shopping, etc. Very often we find ourselves in new locations that we have very limited information on. We at the WISE center can help limit some of that stress and unknowns for the students of military families.

About would we offer:

The WISE center is a unique school that serves all of Walton county. Our student body comes from across the school district, and anyone can attend. We specialize in small group sets, online learning, hands on learning and alternative education. Our learning environment is ideal for students that need extra support. Our small class sizes allow for more direct instruction, our online learning allows for students to learn at their own pace, and we even have an Esports team for students to explore.

When you come to the WISE center, we will be able to help with your transition planning, by providing you with our school care package. This package will include information about the surrounding area, sights to visit, places to shop and eat.

Additionally, the process of enrolling your child is easy. Out academic staff will meet with you to go over any academic needs your child may need and help to plan classes for children grade 5-12. Because we are located close to both Emerald Coast Technical College and Northwest Florida State College, options for students grades 11-12 include dual enrollment.

We are also aware how difficult it can be for children coming to a new school, leaving behind friends and environments they have grown to love and enjoy. PCS transitions are always hardest on children and because of that we provide support services at the school to help with these difficult transitions. From our student lead peer-peer transition group to our transition and mental health specialist, we cover everything a transitioning student would need.

Lastly, we offer multiple events during the year to recognize those who serve our nation. Many of our staff are either veterans themselves, spouses of service members, have children serving or where the children of service members that underwent these transitions themselves.

Our school's Military point of contact is Kenrick Jacqmin, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you for considering our school for your transition, we hope we can make it the smoothest transition you’ll even have.