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3rd 9 weeks Merit Day

March 28, 2022

Every 9 weeks our students are rewarded for good behavior with a merit day. A day where they get to relax and have fun after 9 weeks of hard work. This merit day we had some special visitors, troopers from the 501st Legion stopped by to find any Rebel Alliance sympathizers. After patrolling the halls, meeting, and taking pictures with our students they found only one. Our principal, Mr. D, was arrested for his role against the empire.
A big thank you to the 501st legion for making our day out of this world, and a thank you to Mr. Bobby Collins from Gulftech Fire and Security for sponsoring and cooking hot dogs and hamburgers for our students to enjoy.

Student Testimonials


  • Less people, easy, nice people, no homework
  • Two things that I like about this school is that its easy and there are not many people. At my past schools, the teachers didn’t teach as well as they do at this school.
  • To convince a student to enroll in this school I would tell them what I like about it. No homework and less people.


  • Well first off this school doesn’t have a thousand students. The teachers actually help and teach each student and are more than happy to answer their questions on the topic. They have catchup courses for students like myself. Our amazing principal Mr. Davignon doesn’t just stay in his office like large high schools. He speaks with students regularly and isn’t a boot camp leader or a loose principal, he’s somewhere in between. They can provide accommodations for students who struggle with things.
  • The staff are helpful and understanding. They don’t hand out 12 assignments at once and they teach and listen. I have my struggles like ADHD among other things and the staff are very accommodating for me and my situation.
  • I would start by listing the advantages which there are many. Then the few things such as we don’t have sports but can accommodate the schedule for games and such. Now I’ll list some of the advantages such as the only homewo