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May 16, 2023

Thank You St. Joe Community Foundation

At the end of April, sixteen W.I.S.E. Biology/Marine Science students got the privilege of traveling to Sea World Orlando. This trip was made possible by a generous grant from the St. Joe Community Foundation

One of the main focuses of the trip was a Biology/Marine Science class project in which students chose an animal at Sea World to research. They then got to see that animal in person, and gain valuable information and data firsthand.

Even without the class project the trip proved to be an amazing learning experience and gave a whole new meaning to the term "sleeping with the fishes". After arriving at Sea World Orlando students participated in learning activities such as petting an epaulette shark, identifying marine animals by their skulls, and getting after hours private tours of the Beluga Whale, and Shark exhibits. Students then got to "camp out" in the Manta Ray exhibits, sleeping with a variety of marine life just behind a few inches of glass. The next day after breakfast, and a quick trip to see the dolphins, students were able to experience all the wonders that Sea World Orlando has to offer. 

This trip was made possible the great people at St. Joe Community Foundation and made wonderful by the amazing staff at Sea World Orlando Educational Programs.

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