The Next Level of Technology Education

The new WISE Esport CTE calss has taken off. 

We would like to thank the St. Joe Community Fodation for their donation to get this dream started.

Students will be earning career certifications in this 3 year course.


Students are currently working in a digital curriculum that uses hands-on real-world problems to teach and reinforce increasingly important technological skills. When they show proficiency in these skills, by way of the career certification exam, they will progress to level 2 of our program.  

Level 2 consists of developing technical, professional, and communication skills. This will be achieved with ESports. 

Students are a part of a team. A team that is built on equitability. A team that supports each other through compassion. Team members will play video games together, but with a twist. Instead of playing at home alone, they will be here. They will learn professionalism and proper communication skills within the school environment.