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6TH, 7TH, & 8TH GRADE APPLY NOW for 2020/2021 School Year

For more inforamtion on how to apply please contact Mrs. Pitts.

By email [email protected]

By phone: 850-892-1111

Why Walton In"10"sity?


  • Small Classes
  • Individualised instruction
  • Supplies provided
  • NO homework

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning Explained

Live School

LiveSchool is our way to keep you in the loop about your students day at school. It is an app that gives you the parent real time access to your students Merits and Demerits that they earn them througout the day. It aslo serves as positive reaformnent through rewards for the merits earned by students. As well as builing a sence  of community with our house system.

More Information


At the WISE center, our art program focuses on fostering creative problem solvers. Our students engage with various materials to create inspiring and engaging visual artworks. 

Reading and Writing